EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems.
EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems.

Services Overview

EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems using the latest scientific research and the most up-to-date technologies. Our experienced staff specialise in odour and VOC sampling and odour analysis, odour complaint investigation and odour impact assessment, together with providing professional on-going advice to all clients.

We will perform our services with due care, competence and diligence. We will act ethically to complete the job through our dedication to quality and our collaborative approach.


With over 28 years experience and more than 10000 odour samples collected and tested in our odour testing laboratory, our staff are committed to providing superior technical advice with continuing professional support. As a leading olfactometer and sampling equipment supplier, we can service your needs with local, highly skilled staff, backed up by technical expertise direct from the manufacturer.


Our comprehensive methodology has been developed over 25 years of research and development in solving odour complaints: from source to receptor; from detection to recognition; from constant to variable.

The most advanced testing and sampling equipment specifically designed for determining odour emissions from various sources: DynaScent digital olfactometer, DynaSampler predilution probe, DynaMeter calibration kit, DynaDrum fixed time sampling drum, and DynaTunnel surface emission enclosure.

Our range of professional services include:

Odour and VOC sampling

  • Odour and VOCs sampling for industries and intensive agricultural operations using purposely designed sampling equipment
  • High temperature and high moisture source sampling using a dynamic dilution apparatus - DynaSampler predilution probe
  • Odour and VOCs emissions from surface area using flux hood (AS4323.4)
  • Estimating odour and VOCs emission from fugitive emissions such as landfills and open bed biofilters
  • Remote odour and VOCs sampling setup and maintenance

Olfactometry testing

  • Odour concentration measurement using the only 4th generation dynamic olfactometer - DynaScent Digital Olfactometer (AS4323.3)
  • Odour concentration-intensity determination providing specific odour impact criteria for various odour emission sources per modified Germany VDI 3882.1
  • Odourich (intensity, character and hedonic tone) evaluation for ambient odour for the investigation of odour complaints (AS2542.2.3)
  • Triangle testing for fingerprinting odour complaint sources (AS2542.2.2)
  • Monitoring and performance evaluation of odour control systems and commercial products

Dispersion modelling

  • Odour and VOCs dispersion modelling using Ausplume, Calpuff and ISC3
  • Odour impact assessment using hourly odour emission data
  • Visual presentation of odour dispersion on hourly odour contour

Abatement technology

  • Odour control process review
  • Fully moisture controlled biofilter design and installation
  • Performance optimisation for the existing biofilter

EnvironOdour offers a complete service from sampling, testing and impact assessment to odour minimisation, expert advice and project implementation.