DynaScent Digital Olfactometer uses three sniffing cups.
DynaScent Digital Olfactometer can be calibrated by the users.


The DynaScent Digital Olfactometer represents an entirely new generation of olfactometers. The DynaScent is arguably the most advanced and sophisticated instrument of its type in the world. Its instrumental performance exceeds the requirements in both Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 4323.3:2001 standard and the European EN 13725:2003 standard.

The DynaScent Olfactometer complies with several measurement standards to determine complete odour attributes:  odour threshold/odour concentration, odour concentration-intensity relationship and odourich (odour intensity, character and hedonic tone).  Furthermore, two odours can be compared for similarity using triangle method:

  • Excellent repeatability and stability in dilution ratios from 2 to 262,000 over 18 dilution steps
  • Venturi gas mixing mechanism with improved sniffing cups to reduce the backpressure effects on the dilution processes caused by the nose during the sniffing
  • Minimum contamination by eliminating the flow measuring device (such as rotameter or mass flow meter) and by implementing comprehensive flushing programs with three levels of flushing (between samples, between testing rounds and between dilution steps) during the operation
  • Auto-calibration using mass flow rate to calibrate the olfactometer and validate the dilution ratios
  • Allow soap bulb meters to verify the mass flow meters
  • Intelligent operation with the optimum starting step, flushing of the olfactometer and the completion of sample testing without operator interference
  • Database management system to store the experimental data for the analysis of panellists, instrument and laboratory performance
  • Odour intensity relationship with random presentation order and Dynascent calculation method
  • Odourich measurement for the assessment of ambient odour

This fourth generation olfactometer is equipped with the latest robotic and sensor technologies. The digital technology eliminates the need for flow measurement devices (mass flow controller) and ensures accurate and repeatable dilutions. With performance exceeding European and Australian standards, the 4th generation DynaScent digital olfactometer is among the best in the world. An intelligent self-cleaning mechanism flushes the system between dilutions, series and samples to minimise the cross contamination. Its proven calibration process using flow rate is a world first.

The DynaScent operation system stores all data in a three level structured database and has nine data analysis windows to scrutinise the performance of the laboratory, instruments and individual panellists. All this information is presented in 11 detailed reports on odour concentration, odour intensity, ambient odour level and more. This odour laboratory management system enables the laboratory operator to acquire the laboratory accreditation.