DynaBag Sampling Bag

DynaBag Sampling Bags

DynaBags are made from food grade polyester (PET, such as Nalophan) and are extremely high tensile strength, tear and impact resistance.The material is resistant to temperature (-60 to+220 °C), oil, fat, some acids and alkalies, as well as to most organic solvents. They are used for gaseous sample storage in air quality and odour studies.

Our DynaBags are made from various Nalophan film and cut to different length to make different sized bags. 

The thickness is 50, 20 microns and 15 microns. 

The standard size is 3 litres, 5 litres and 10 litres.   

The bags come with either connection fittings or without connection fittings for replacement.

We can also supply PVDF film as well.  Please call to discuss.